Jose Deluna

Jose Deluna

Flamenco Guitarist and Composer



Welcome everybody to my Blog. First of all I would like to present myself as a Flamenco guitarist and composer, born and bred in Madrid (Spain), I have a wide and varied musical background, including classical studies from the age of eight, courses in composition and harmony at London’s MIT (Musicians Institute and Technology), regular classes at the reputable Flamenco School “Amor de Dios” in Madrid and lessons with the Flamenco maestros Manolo Sanlucar and Manolo Franco. I obtained a scholarship from the AIE (Performers Association) and from the LIPA (Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts) to pursue studies at the Institute.

With more than 15 years working as a music performer and teacher, I have been offering musical appearances on well-known Television Channels and Radio Stations (TVE2 (National Television, RNE (National Radio Station), CADENA 100 (National Radio Station, Plus Channel...) to organizing and producing Flamenco music, performances, and workshops, to working with well known centers and companies throughout Spain and countries such as Mexico, Venezuela, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Miami, New York, Israel, Morrocco, Moscu and Spain.

I have pursued a professional career while developing a highly personal playing style with a variety of bands in a wide range of concert settings. I am able to adapt to a broad spectrum of artistic needs, as a concert guitarist or as a comping guitarist for singers or dancers in large or small venues such as Isabel Pantoja (Well-known singer), Sorderita (Ketama), Miguel Poveda (Flamenco singer), Alazan, Yeye de Cadiz (Flamenco Singer), Antonio Marquez.(Flamenco Dancer)....Recenttly I have released my second album “TRES HERENCIAS” in which I have tried to have a personalized guitar vocabulary with a modern treatment and without neglecting the main features of the flamenco tradition.